Monday, January 14, 2013

Healthy Diet Proposed by MANTHENA SATYANARAYANA - Health Tips

The diet recommended by Dr. Raju, a naturopath from India, is a strict raw food diet that is unlikely to appeal to many people. It is a diet that uses no salt, sugar or oil, and emphasizes drinking copious amount of water.

Dr Mathena Satyanarayana Raju

Dr. Raju has a thriving health product business in India. At his website, he sells books, cds, eBooks, and videos. He appears on Maa TV, a Teluga language station in India, for 30 minutes on Monday through Thursday. His fans sing his praises to the heavens. Dr. Raju is described as "the embodiment of all virtue." He is said to be "the reincarnation of Gandhi." It is also said that if you follow Dr. Raju's advise, you will never have a chronic disease.

The Dr. Raju Diet

Rise at 5 a.m. and consume two liters of water before 7 a.m. For breakfast, eat carrots, tomatoes, and other vegetables. Use no salt, sugar, or oil. Everything is to be eaten raw. Lunch consists of groundnuts, soybeans, cashew nuts, and similar foods. Dinner is to be eaten before 6 p.m. It should consist of all kinds of fruits. If there is no other fruit available, you can eat five bananas.

Other Requirements

Do not eat or drink anything between meals except water. Do not drink water within 30 minutes before eating a meal. Do not drink water for three hours after eating a meal. Drink a total of five or six liters of water daily.

The Theory

Dr. Raju states that cooking food destroys the nutritional value of the food and unbalances the body. He states that man is the only animal that brushes his teeth, because the harmful food we eat makes our breath stink. He says that if people follow his recommendations, they will be cured of illnesses such as diabetes "naturally."


The American Heart Association cautions people to be wary of weight-loss or fad diets. Such diets can undermine your health, cause digestive problems and lead to disappointment. Diets that emphasize one particular food or type of food are likely to be ineffective. You should eat a balanced diet, and eating should be enjoyable.

The Dr. Raju diet features foods that are healthy, such as vegetables, nuts, and fruit. But it is extremely stringent and its health claims are unverified. If you intend to go on this or any other extreme diet, consult your doctor before doing so.

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