Saturday, May 4, 2013

Elchuri Tips for Asthma

  1. Take a handful of vishnu krantha leaves (koyal) and dry the leafs and powder them.
  2. Take the powder in a hukka pot, burn the powder and inhale the smoke.
Uses: Cures Asthma effectively.

  1. Take vavili leaves juice ( indian privete ), galnut bark powder (250 grams) and salt (20 gm)
  2. Grind the above mixture and make pills in the size of a small candy, keep it in shade until it is dried, and store it in a jar.
  3. Everyday take 1 or 2 pills with lukewarm water 30 mins before the meal.
Uses: It also cures Asthma.
NOTE: Avoid "kapha" related food (avoid flum generating food)

  1. Take Krishna thulasi vennula powder (100 grams), fried a little pippali powder (50 grams), sugar candy powder (800 grams) and vasa powder (50 grams)
  2. Make a mixture of above powders and take half spoon or quarter spoon of mixture with 1 spoon of honey just 1 hour before having the meal
 Uses: Cures long lasting cough and asthma.


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