Friday, May 10, 2013

Elchuri's Health tips for Diabetes

Reasons for Diabetes:
  1. Eating frequently
  2. Worrying incessantly and 
  3. Being lethargic

Symptoms of Diabetes:
  1. Burning sensation in hands and feet
  2. Depression of face and jaws
  3. Feeling sweetness in mouth
  4. Pains in legs and joints

Tips for Diabetes:

Recipe -1

  1. Take handful of usirika kayalu (They must be seedless)
  2. Soak these in a glass water along with 2-3 tulasi leaves in it and keep it undisturbed for one entire night
  3. Drink the water early in the morning everyday.

Relief from eye problems, Diabetes, Urine problems, skin problems

  1. Take 1kg usiri rasam (goose berry juice) and 1kg of candy sugar powder.
  2. Stir the mixture on sim flame until a thick viscous liquid is obtained.
  3. Store this liquid in bottle
  4. For small childern (4-6 years) take half spoon of liquid
  5. For children above 6 years take 2 spoons of liquid
  6. Mix in one cup of water and drink once in morning and evening
There are numerous uses,
Improves eyesight,Hair color will be improved (dark black),Cheeks will grow,reduces Urniary problems,liver,spleen and heart diseases will be reduced considerably.

There are many other recipes apart from these which can cure diabetes, i'l be covering those recipe's in other posts...

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  1. Diabetic patents are bound to follow healthcare tips to lead healthy life. I'm following some health tips from which are putting me healthy I do also include this tips..