Thursday, May 16, 2013

Top 10 Tips to Lose Weight

Insidiously, the fat on the thighs and hips increases, the kilos more and more steadily. You slowly realize it weighs too much and just in case no longer rises to the hated scale. But at some point you can no longer consider themselves in the full length mirror without turning away.

What you should do! Lose weight! But how?

It is so difficult to overcome the infamous "inner demon" and eat less. "Eat less" is a joke in itself especially as the ham cheese sandwich for lunch is not even deserves the word "Meal". In the evening, the hunger is therefore only logical and justified. Says it is. But the evening meals get the kilos...

It continues but so you know clearly that it will end as a barrel and not like this idea. But how will you make it to be slim and maintain the graceful shape also permanently?

Diet instructions were and there are like sand on the sea. What here today but will be shown, is no new wisdom, but a few valuable tips from a true success story.

Before one decides to do something about his love handles, you should feel ready now really. You will notice this because that one is already such headway after looking in the mirror, that you would like to simply bring a change in the situation without ifs and buts. Without the inner firmly resolute attitude and a concrete goal in mind one is constantly "fall down" and tilt back in its old schema.

Therefore you must inspire yourself and there are the following tips:

Tip 1:
Create a small notebook to, in which you record all food, eat the day. Make it yourself to the task of food registered products with less fat. Avoid especially fatty food. A one-percent yogurt satisfies the hunger as a CLE as well and no new food is your fat cells.

Tip 2:
Look also at the drink on low-calorie products. Drink tap water - litre the best 3-4 on the day. This is able to dampen the hunger, and washes the toxins from her body.

Tip 3:
Try to eat more evening little more or better even. You will see you will feel how good the next morning. The stomach feels flatter and it is really hungry for a hearty breakfast.

Tip 4:
If you even feel cravings for something sweet, you not entirely deny it himself. Treat yourself to the one or the other rib chocolate, when you no longer stand it. It is better, you can treat yourself to a snack at, when chocolate is made after three weeks of extreme Fastings on a large Board and destroyed them completely. Then the bad conscience is certainly big and at the end, throwing out all good intentions and falls back into the old routine.

Tip 5:
Don't forget to eat balanced despite reduced calorie diet. To enrich the diet with rich fruits, vegetables, dairy products and other fiber-rich foods and to eat not "dead" calories in the form of ham cheese rolls is balanced.

Tip 6:
Try to exercise two to three times a week. First distracts the sport of eating and if you once did something sporty, it is no longer so hungry then.
If you are a type of vehicle, so it is advisable to enroll in a fitness center. Come even if you are sitting there three times a week for 1 hour "only" on the exercise bike and pedal, this means already an effective calorie burning.

Tip 7:
Write these training sessions as well as in your notebook! You will see that incredibly motivated and proud after each training session. And as I said, if there is only one hour or hours on the exercise bike: it will work!

Tip 8:
To not get the temptation to push the sporting activities, it is advisable to fix remember the days of training into your busy schedule. For example, on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Because you can set are from away out in the morning, it still 1 hour train is in the evening.

Tip 9:
It is best if you give your training bag already in the morning in the car and drive from work go straight to the gym. So, it may not happen that you come home and win after a short newspaper knowledge, that you want to do today well Nothing more to your body... Excuses are fast which, with which to his own conscience calm attempts. Finally heard even the lawn mowed or the floor inlaid...
The grass and the floor can wait! Do something for yourself! In a few weeks, you will receive the reward for your discipline!

Tip 10:
According to experts, it should remove less than 1.5 kilos within three weeks. For faster weight loss your overstretched skin has back otherwise unable to slowly to form.
Believe me: you will learn inside listen after some time of conscious eating in the body whether it is really hungry or wants to eat something just out of boredom or habit.

Fourteen kilos has the protagonist of my true success with this method of six months declined - and keeps its new weight in dress size 36 for five years.
The right 'bite' will help you to remain consistent across this months and your rewards will be one in the truest sense he will be "easier" tes life!

You will feel if you follow these tips, all in all after just a few days like a newborn person, and in a few weeks or months you will see clearly the result. Sure it will appeal to, you have yet become as slim and you will shine!


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