Thursday, May 16, 2013

Top 10 tips for Beautiful Skin

Beautiful skin, a healthy complexion and a fresh, natural look,is that you are looking for? Here you will find many little tips and tricks to improve your appearance and maintain. As a well-groomed look begins with skin care.

1. Regular cleaning
The morning and evening cleansing removes not only creams and make-up, but also sebum and sweat. Does not clog the pores and bacteria can not multiply.

2. Cleansing milk instead of water
Water alone is not able to solve the oily mixture of sebum, cream and make-up from the skin. You need lipophilic (degreasing) substances, as contained for example in cleansing milk.
The cleansing milk massage and just leave the best with your fingertips or a sponge, then rinse with warm water.

3. Facial toner is built
Toner helps to speed up the reconstruction phase of the Hydrolipidic film, usually 20 to 30 minutes required after cleaning. In addition, facial toner removes the scale of tap water and residues from cleaning operations, which can clog the pores and provide for impurities on duration.

4. Cleansing of mature skin
For the cleansing of mature skin, water-in-oil emulsions are ideal, because they get the natural acid mantle of the skin. Cleansing are enriched with valuable vegetable oils such as sweet almond, jojoba and soya are just as suitable.

5. Soap only in sturdy, oily skin
Because SOAP is alkaline detergents and thus attacking the Hydrolipidic film, SOAP should be used only for very robust, rather oily skin. Regular SOAP should be avoided in all other skin types.

6. For sensitive or dry skin facial tonic without alcohol
In order not further pollute the fat and moisture content of sensitive or dry skin, no facial toner with alcohol should be used, but only non-alcoholic tonics or thermal water sprays. Avoids redness, inflammation and itching.

7. Fine, rosy complexion by peeling
Horn scales make the skin look colorless and dull. Exfoliate tailored to the specific type of skin removes these dead skin cells without irritating the skin and stimulates the blood circulation. Tiny synthetic beads or natural resins from crushed apricot kernels, Bran, or sea sand look like ultra fine sandpaper.

8. Masks - quick Beautifier
The effect of masks is immediately visible, therefore, masks are called the quick Beautifier of cosmetics. Masks with a high moisture content can be skin cells swell, becomes plumper, fresher and smoother skin, wrinkles are reduced.
For the guyed skin, there are special moisture masks with herbal extracts such as menthol, mint, camphor etc. They are refreshing and cooling effect, redness and swelling will disappear. Moisture masks calm sensitive, irritated skin with extracts of Chamomile, lemon balm, and hops.

9. Night creams support regeneration
At night, the cell division rate is eight times higher than on the day, that means that the regeneration process in full swing. Morning light swelling, you can recognize that the removal of lymph fluid and slag works at night not so well. Night creams with active ingredient complexes from Ginkgo, pro-vitamin E, amino acids of wheat proteins, etc. support the regeneration of the skin.

10. Limited shelf life of creams
Minimum expiration dates printed on apply to unopened jars and tubes. Partial creams should be always well sealed and used as far as possible within 3 months, especially when she kept at room temperature.
The warmer, the faster can contained oils become rancid or bacteria form in the crucible. In natural cosmetics, this applies all the more. Self-angeruehrte creams without preservatives should be used immediately or frozen.


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