Thursday, May 9, 2013

Weight Loss Tips using Acai berry

Acai berry is a gift from the Amazon forest and it is popularly established as the number one super food. The acai berries are similar to grapes, but the taste is similar to a mixture of blue berries and chocolate. The appealing deep purple color and outstanding taste motivates everyone to make love to these berries. The common claim about acai berries is that these berries aid weight loss. Many people are trying to lose weight and they are cheated by scams on the internet. Such people are obviously attracted to the weight loss benefits provided by acai berries.

Acai berry is full of nutrition that is necessary for the body. It contains no single component that is not good for health. The antioxidants in acai berries are extremely appealing , as they are ten times more than blue berries and about 20 times more than red grapes. Instead of drinking a few ounces of red wine, you can drink acai berry juice which contains 30 times of antioxidants. To help you reach your weight loss goal , the antioxidants are essential to keep the free radicals away from your body. These antioxidants prevent inflammation and hence postpone aging. Further, the skin is toned by the regular intake of acai berries and you can easily get rid of cottage cheese skin.

The amino acids in acai berries are immediately utilized by the body to build muscles. When you take acai berries in some form, you can find significant increase in lean muscle mass. This boosts the total metabolism and when you combine consumption of acai berry products with your weight loss program, you can easily experience loss of weight. The monounsaturated fatty acids reduce insulin levels and cholesterol. These acids boost all your hormones and your body readily reacts to your weight loss plan. Using acai berries, you can easily get rid of those annoying extra pounds without starving diets and hard exercises .

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